Forbes brings fun to biology

Jihan Middleton, Staff Writer

Leslie Forbes, science teacher at Dover Area High School, is loved by her students and coworkers. She became a biology teacher “because when I was finishing up schooling for my biology degree, I realized that I couldn’t afford to proceed to attend graduate school and pursue a Phd in Biology. But I’ve always wanted to inspire others to love science, specifically biology, as much as I do.” 

Forbes says, “If I wasn’t a high school biology teacher then I would most likely be doing research in a lab at a hospital or university.” Forbes has done two research projects, one of the jobs was at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She had applied this summer to do another research job, but this time at Penn State Hershey. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak she won’t be participating in that job. 

Many students love Forbes and visit her during her lunch. “Forbes was a little scary at first, but after a few classes I liked the way she taught and the way she acted around students. I’m sad that my year was cut short with her,” says sophomore Madelyn Reed. 

Forbes attended college full time and worked two jobs while going to college. “I spent much of my time either studying, attending classes or working.” So as for the “experience” most kids think of – I did not do that! I was too busy working and studying to get good grades.” Forbes wouldn’t change her job or experiences because it made her appreciate her education and the work she gets to do with students.